Get Together Adventures has been established as a tour operating and travel agency company dealing with travel Activities in Tanzania and East Africa at Large.  It is a private owned company offering Holidays Trip, Lodge Safaris, Volunteering Projects, Mountain Trekking Expeditions and Wildlife Safaris as its primary tourist package for Tanzania’s Trips.

We have been among the best in adventure travel and ecotourism, not just new destinations but pioneering new approaches to travel that guarantee your experience with Get Together Adventures will be qualitatively greater.



Complementary skills and services: Although our team has a wide extent of experience, we will supplement this with additional expertise and capacity when required and frequently work with other consultancies. We have developed a close working relationship with professionals in parallel disciplines; all this is to ensure you the best Safari experience.

Commitment to Quality: While retaining competitive rates, we never compromise the quality of our services. As a dedicated tour operating company, we put into plans the process at all planning stages and guarantee a high-quality result.

Personal Uniqueness: We are personally involved in the designing of your trip in coordination with local field staff. When you contact us, you will be in touch with our staff with first-hand experience in your destination that will help you choose the right trip and craft a Quoted Itinerary that meets your personal interests and style.