Chagga Tribe

Traveling to the highlands of Kilimanjaro either for hiking or cultural visit is a great opportunity to visitand explore about the famous chagga people who have been living on these highlands for years, of which you will be able learn about how their lifestyle is and visit their farms with coffee and banana plantations. It’s fantastic to see how the coffee is roasted traditionally and later on you can enjoy a cup of coffee prepared locally. Apart from that there are also beautiful waterfalls to take a visit too.

Hadzabe or Watindiga tribe

With approximately more than 10000 years ago, This is the earliest known human inhabitants of the Ngorongoro area who today live near lake Eyasi. They weren’t a warrior tribe but lived as gatherers and hunters, hunting by means of bows and poisoned arrows. Interestingly they speak a click language like the bushmen of Botswana, Namibia, Angola and South Africa, very unique from how other tribes speak.

Datoga or Barbaig or Mang’aati tribe

This is a pastoralist and a warrior tribe that can also be found today in the lake Eyasi area who are well known for their blacksmith’s skills of making different kind of metal tools and selling them to the other tribes including the well-shaped arrows for hunting different kind of animals that they sell to the Hadzabe tribe who do hunting activities.

Maasai Tribe

This is also a pastoralist and a fierce warrior tribe who approximately 200 years ago moved into the Serengeti/Ngorongoro area in search for grazing for their livestocks. They are a tribe believed to be from the mixture of the Nilotes who are people from the Nile area and the Hamites who are people from North Africa. Visiting of the Maasai tribe is a very interesting one especially going in their small hats that plenty of space of their various use.